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Men’s Softball Rules

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Game Start & End Times

Game 1 starts at 5:45pm

  • A team is required to forfeit (automatic loss) if they cannot field 8 players by 6pm.
  • If both teams cannot field 8 players, the game will count as a loss for both.
  • For early games, if the game has not reached the seventh inning by 7:05pm, the umpire will announce to both teams at the start of the inning that it will be the last inning.

Game 2 starts at 7:10pm

  • A team is required to forfeit (automatic loss) if they cannot field 8 players by 7:25pm.
  • If both teams cannot field 8 players, the game will count as a loss for both.
  • For late games, we will attempt to play all seven innings (light permitting).
  • On nights when there are league devotions, Game 2 start time is at the conclusion of the devotion. (Note: The 7:25pm forfeit deadline still applies)

Run Limits

  • There is a six run limit per inning, with the exception of the last inning (which has no run limit).
  • If any team has a 20 run lead after 5 innings (or 4 for the home team) the game will be called.


  • Only ten fielders are allowed to be on the field at any time, but all players will bat.
  • A game will not be allowed to begin until a team fields at least eight players.
  • In each at bat, all batters will begin with a 0-0 count.
  • In each at bat, the second foul ball after the second strike call is an automatic out.
  • In an effort to speed up play, there will be no warm ups allowed after the first inning.
  • According to G&T Ground Rules the pitchers rubber is to be 46’ from home plate


  • Absolutely NO collisions!! You MUST avoid contact on any close play by sliding, stopping and getting tagged, etc. or you will be called OUT.
  • Absolutely NO fake tags!!
  • Absolutely NO blocking home plate!! The runner will be called SAFE if home is blocked on a close play. Catchers must position themselves in FRONT of home plate.
  • While you are in the field (especially if you are covering home), if there is not going to be a play on a runner, please get out of his way!!


  • Only your team captain/co-captain is allowed to discuss a play call. There is to be NO arguing with the umpires. Any infraction may result in ejection from the game at the umpire’s discretion.
  • If your team has less than ten players during the regular season, then guest players may be added to bring your team total to TEN players. NO guest players are allowed during playoffs.
  • If there are any problems/questions address them to your team captain, NOT the league directors. If necessary, the captain will bring them to the attention of the league director.
  • There is NO smoking, alcohol or drugs allowed on the church premises at any time.
  • There are NO dogs (not even the cute little ones) allowed on the church premises.
  • These are church grounds. Act accordingly. The use of profanity and/or abusive, insulting & vulgar language or gestures is prohibited and may result in termination from the league without refund.
  • Any fighting will result in immediate expulsion from the league without refund.



ASA rules apply, except where overridden by FBBC home rules.

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